7/16X1.1/2′ B.S.F. BOLTS


Category: SKU: 1000135611038


Product type:- 7/16″ BSF H.T bolts

Material:- High Tensile,grade 8.8

Finish:- Steel (black)

Description:- Hexagonal Head

Partially Threaded

High Tensile Bolt

Diameter:- 7/16″ / 11.112mm

TPI:- 18

Head Diameter:- 18.3mm

Spanner Size- 5/8″

Head Thickness:- 7.1mm

Bolt Torque:- 64.45NM


7/16″ bolts up to 1.1/4″ or 32mm length
will be fully threaded.
Longer length bolts will only have 28mm thread.