Terms & Conditions

Detailed description of goods and / or services

JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd is a business in the Wholesale and Retail Industry that provides industrial fasteners, tooling, welding equipment, protective and safety equipment, abrasives, adhesives, silicone and more to the Wholesale and Retail sector.

Collection / Delivery policy

Subject to stock availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed immediately on receipt. All orders submitted will be confirmed by means of an “Order Confirmation”. All correspondence will use the “Order Confirmation” number for reference.


Should an order be marked for “Collection”, a confirmation notice will be e-mailed confirming that the order is ready for collection.


Should an order be marked for “Delivery”, the delivery costs will be included on the invoice as a “delivery cost” item. Once the order is complete, a Courier Company will be notified to collect the order from JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd for delivery to the address specified on the order.

Unless otherwise specified, remote areas may not be within the Courier Company’s delivery network. In such cases, JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will arrange delivery “counter to counter” to the nearest South African Post Office (depending on size of parcel), or to the nearest town to the Customer that is accessible by a Courier Company within their operational routes. In these circumstances, JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will liaise with the Customer to arrange an alternative delivery address.

JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will supply the order to the Courier Company in good order and will ensure that the order arrives at the Customers chosen delivery address in the same good order.

Export restrictions

The offering on this Website is available to South African Customers only. Should a Customer outside of the borders of South Africa require goods, an e-mail detailing goods required is to be submitted to the Sales Department at e-mail address orders@jkm.co.za.

Return and Refund Policy


The provision of goods by JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will communicate with the Customer and offer an alternative product. Should an alternate product be agreed and there is a price difference, the Customer will pay the additional costs prior to shipment. In cases where the alternative product is cheaper, JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will refund the difference within 10 working days.

Order Cancellations:

Cancellation of an order by the Customer will attract a 15% administration fee. JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will refund monies paid within 10 working days.

Damaged Goods:

All goods are carefully inspected prior to leaving the Warehouse of JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd. Where goods are damaged in transit, JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will replace the items.

Where goods are used and found to be defective, the goods are to be returned to JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd and will be sent to the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer will inform JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd whether the item is being replaced under warranty or whether the item was damaged due to incorrect usage or application. If the item is replaced under warranty, JKM Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd will deliver the item to the Customer at no cost to the Customer. Where items are found to be faulty due to incorrect usage or application, the delivery costs are to be borne by the Customer.