M16X120 HT BOLT H.D.G.


Category: SKU: 1000125316120


Product Type:- M16 hot dipped galvanised
High Tensile Bolts

Material:- High tenstile,grade 8.8

Finish:- Hot dipped galvanised

Description:- Hexagonal Head, partially
threaded High Tensile Bolt

Diameter:- 16 mm

Pitch:- 2.0

Head diameter:- 26.75 mm

Spanner size:- 24 mm

Head thickness:- 10.0 mm

Torque strength:- 210.80 NM


To determine the length of the thread on a bolt
one has to multiply the diameter of the bolt in
question by 2.5.

{ E.G – M16 x 100mm = 40mm of thread (16×2.5) }