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Product type:- 30 ml Pratley Wonderfix White Glue

Description:- • This is a unique product new to
the world market.

• This product combines the two
desirable properties of toughness
(flexibility and impact resistance)
with high adhesive strength.

• It is best described as a
repair medium rather than just
an adhesive.

• A very smooth surface can be
obtained by mixing the adhesive and
then placing some Stretch wrap
plastic over the mixed adhesive.

• Excellent for repairing running
shoes. WONDAFIX is also an
outstanding wood glue.

Notes:- • Read the mixing instructions

(It is a 2 : 1 ratio mix).

• The setting time can be
substantially accelerated by the
application of mild heat • 50
degrees C.

Uses:- • Used to splice repair leather
transmission belts, patch a tear or
holes in canvas tents or deck
chairs, cast new gland packings
around pump shafts and any repair
subject to shock.

Colour: White